about Coaching

Life Coaching is a great way of unlocking your potential. Life Coaching is a wonderful way of bringing clarity and helping you to achieve the outcome you desire.

Using Life Coaching with NLP  I  can help you to make beneficial and positive life changes. Helping you live a life you love.

Coaching can help you to follow  your dreams and  reach your highest potential.

Just for example , perhaps you are stuck in a job you hate, lack confidence or self esteem, or just procrastinate about getting things done.

"What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail"?

NLP, stands for neuro linguistic programming and its the study of language and how we use it and how it affects us as individuals.

Is it time to unlock your potential?   

Coaching sessions are available in person, by phone or by skype.  

Life Coaching is a like a journey. It's likely to involve several sessions.

Probably the most important part of the journey is finding out what it is that you want to achieve.  For example you might want to be more confident, to have more self esteem, to change careers, to be happier with yourself, perhaps your a young woman who wants more work/life balance , perhaps you are a woman dealing with the roller coaster of emotions that change and transition brings.  Everyone is different and your wants and needs will be unique to you.

Once you have found out what it is that you would like to achieve then we can start to work on how to get to that destination.  We work to find out if there are any blocks or issues that might be stopping you.  Its important to remember that you are the one that will be driving these sessions.  My role as your life coach is to be a facilitator , to ask you the right questions and to help you get really clear.  

Once you are clear and focused then the journey to your desired outcome becomes easier.